Preparing For Travel

I am truly ecstatic to be able to travel to Tanzania. It has always been my dream to go to every continent, and I have always really wanted to go to Africa. I love animals, and I have always wanted to go on a Safari, so that was a plus on this trip. I love math, I love children, and I love to teach, so I know I will love this trip. I cannot believe that the time of departure is coming up. I have been preparing in multiple ways. Of course I have to get all the shots, medication, and supplies. I am also learning Swahili, doing research, teaching others, and being creative with skirt making.

Since I am teacher assisting this semester, I have taught my students Swahili in the morning. I figured the best way for me to learn it, was to teach it to my students. Every morning I am there, which is Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we do Swahili. On Wednesday and Thursday, I write words or phrases on the board in Swahili. The students write the words down, and I have them pronounce it for me, and then I have them guess the meaning. I sometimes give them hints, and if they do not get it, I tell them the English word, and write it on the board. On Friday, we put up the lyrics video for Jambo, Jambo Bwana and sing it together. I even added some hand motions for some of the lines. They love it, and some students stand up and dance in the back. All of the students I see throughout the day know that I am going to Africa. They always ask me so many questions, and I love it. I even have many students, and two of my cousins, that are going to write letters to my future students in Tanzania.

My grandma sews, and  I am going to see her over Easter break. We are going to go get some fabric, and she is going to make me skirts for when I go to Tanzania. Many members of my family and my friends, and my cooperating teacher, want to skype with me while I am in Tanzania as well. I am just so excited to go, and I just want to be in the culture, and see as much as I can. I want to get to know the students, and I am going to put together a photo album for them to look at. I know they do not really know what snow is, and kids are always curious.


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