Preparing for travel

Six weeks away is my dream come true. I can’t wait to step foot off the plane and experience my first sight of Africa! I explore all the photos and videos online but seeing is only so much. I get so excited when I do see the photos and videos and think about what we are going to be doing that I want to jump out of my skin! I am all vaccinated for the trip and ready to go (minus the packing part of course.) I think about Tanzania every waking moment and it is so hard for me to wait patiently over these next few school weeks as I am ecstatic to leave.

I am nervous about the language barrier of english and Swahili, as I want to be influenced and influence as many children’s lives as I can. I read about the culture and practice the different “social norms” every day to become familiar and identify with the culture. I am nervous about teaching as well and making sure I can perform the best lessons for the students as possible to create the best learning environment as possible.

I am rather curious to see how different the school systems will be compared to ours. What will I teach? How will it look? How will it compare to being an American teacher? How will I be able to apply it all to my classroom here in the future? So many beginning questions only waiting for the end answers as I begin my journey.


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