Preparing for Travel

I am first of so proud of myself for actually applying for this amazing opportunity. I have only traveled with my family and going by myself to a different country is so nerve-wrecking. Don’t get my wrong, I am SO excited to go. I have always wanted to go to Africa…it has always been a childhood dream. As we learn about their culture and way of life, I can’t wait to see it right in front of me. I am so interested in their foods, language, and living. Reading about their culture and how different it is than America’s, it makes me feel very lucky and fortunate for what I have. But going to Africa and teaching young students is going to make a difference and it will make me feel accomplished and proud that I can give back. I wish I could do so much more for these children but going there, teaching, playing, and learning will all make impacts on their lives and mine.

I have been preparing for travel by getting all my medicine and shots, buying new clothes and luggage, and my mom making long skirts! My mom is a big sewer/quilter and she was so excited to make me some long skirts! I am buying new things and practicing Swahili which is making me so anxious. There is only one big thing that I am nervous about…the plane ride. I HATE flying…I guess I get that from my dad! Everything else will be a culture shock when we first get there, but that is all a part of the trip! I am there to engulf myself in their culture and just learn and grow as a person. Teaching will be a great experience and it will get me ready to Student Teach in the fall because I will have so much experience by teaching in Tanzania. I am ready to be in the classroom teaching them all that I know!


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