Preparing for Travel

With each day that goes I get more excited and even more nervous about our trip! I tend to stay within my comfort zone but this trip will definitely break me out of my shell. From our orientation meetings my first impressions are a bit scattered, some days I think it will fantastic and one of the best things to happen to me and other days I wonder what I got myself into. It will be interesting to figure out how to adjust the pace of the classroom to fit the language barrier and writing everything on the board since that is their only form of textbook. I really just cannot wait to get into the classroom and work with the students, see how they learn and interact with each other, and how that compares to students here.

Although, before we can leave and enrich the lives of the students we will teach we have lots of tasks to complete first. I was able to get my shots over Spring Break but will need to go back to get my medication before we leave. Once we get there I am excited to see all the wonders that the trip has to offer from the weekend excursions to the every day routines. I’m excited to have more time in the classroom, also to potentially teach subjects that I’m not that comfortable with so that I can grow and learn from this trip.


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