Preparing for Travel

It definitely has not yet hit me that I am leaving for Africa in nearly 6 weeks! All of these preparations still seem so unreal because this is something that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. Deciding to go on this trip was quite a last minute decision for me, so grasping the fact that this is all actually happening has been difficult. I’m fairly certain that none of this will truly seem real until my feet hit African soil.

I have my doctors appointment soon to get updated on all of the shots I need as well as prescriptions for the medications I will need to take. I have also made some nice additions to my wardrobe. Being as petite as I am, finding long skirts that actually fit me was quite challenging! Here in the next couple weeks I am going to start making sure I have everything that I will need to pack to enjoy this amazing adventure! The readings so far have done nothing but excite me for what is to come. I cannot wait to finally be in the classroom and get to know these children! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to teach these children and not only watch them grow, but watch myself grow because of all the things they will teach me in the process.


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