Preparing to Travel

     Preparing to travel is making getting me really excited to be in Arusha and be engulfed into its culture.  As we gather every couple of Mondays to talk about what to bring, differences in cultures, schools we will be teaching at, Kiswahili..the list goes on.  I am understanding that there is more to traveling then just buying a plane ticket and arriving at the destination.  On those Mondays we talk about certain garments we need to wear due to the culture.  As Americans in a different culture we want to be respectful as possible to other cultures.  It is also helpful knowing what the people in Arusha are going to be like.  Some mannerism that they do may seem out of the ordinary to us but the reality is that is how their culture.  I am truly glad that GVSU has set up such a great program for students who are traveling abroad.  


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